Why Choose Refurbished Office Printers ? 

For some people, the term "refurbished" stirs up concerns - for example: "Am I buying an old
printer with a few new parts thrown in?" 

This and other common questions about our refurbished products are easily answered.

At CDS Printer Solutions, we obtain good quality second user office printing equipment from a variety of sources:
1.    Customer returns and cancelled orders - Fully-functional products that leave the manufacturer and therefore can no longer be sold as new.

2.    Damaged products - Products returned because of cosmetic flaws or damage during shipping or a broken part. 

3.    Overstocks - Items that are returned by the seller to make room for newer product lines.

4.    Ex-demo - Products have been used as demonstration machines  

5.    End of Lease – Items that have come to the end of a customers lease agreement and are no longer required by the customer or the lease company.

Depending on the product line, most office printers, document scanners, label printers etc start to appear in the second user market about 12 months after their introduction date (i.e. once they are out of manufacturer’s warranty). A laser printer model that was brought to market over 12 months ago may be considered obsolete by the manufacturer, while it could still provide a great solution to you at around half the original selling price.

How is a product refurbished?  First of all, each item is thoroughly tested by our own engineers, in our own workshop.  Broken, worn or defective parts are replaced with BRAND NEW parts, and then tested again, cleaned and packaged for sale. 

Refurbished office printer products, document scanners, laser printers, Designjets etc offer the same high quality products at a lower cost. We include consumables, often with 75% or more life remaining.  

For some customers, the latest office printer technology is a must so we do also supply new open box and ex demo machines.  In other cases, a refurbished product is simply a better choice. For example:

1.    Refurbished equipment may offer the best price/performance value for a training room.

2.    Cartridge testing may be performed just as effectively using refurbished products as with new.

3.    A new and top-selling product that is out of stock may be available in the remarketed pool due to a return or cancelled order.